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IGP Invites NDC For Crunch Meeting Today Ahead Of Planned Protest March

Ghana is currently brooding over a series of events that has plagued the country. In all these instances the military have been involved and many are wondering whether this is the same military that is praised when they go on peace keeping in other countries. The killing of Ibrahim Mohammed and 2 other protestors has raised question marks about the recruitments of security personnel.

The National Democratic Congress has planned on ‘A March for Justice’ in solidarity of uncounted murders and hardships in the country. the Youth wing of the party had written to the Police to alert them of their intended protest march on July 6, 2021. The Police in their response reminded the NDC of the Covid-19 protocols and maintained that they cannot ensure the security of the protestors.

News coming in from George Opare Addo, the NDC Youth Organizer has it that the IGP has finally invited the NDC to a crunch meeting this evening over the planned march. It is unknown what has triggered this meeting as the NDC had said they would proceed with the planned march after the police refused to give assurances.

Many are wondering if this is not a ploy as it happened to the Fix the country campaigners who were invited by the Police for a meeting and by the time they realized the Police had sought a court ruling against them in their absence.

Check out the letter;

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