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Fire outbreak at Makola Market

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Just this morning, there was a great fire outbreak at Makola market. The fire outbreak has resulted in the deterioration of a lot of properties. The Officers from the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) are combating a fire at Makola market that has destroyed a three-story building and thousands of Ghana cedis worth of items.

The fire is said to have begun on the third floor of the three-story structure around 9 a.m. on Monday.When the fire broke out, witnesses say they phoned the fire station, which is only a few meters away, but they were told "they don't have water" to put out the flames.

As traders and other onlookers watched, the fire spread to the other stories, destroying everything.

When the incident became more serious, additional personnel were dispatched to the scene.He went on to say that because certain of the merchandise in particular shops are flammable, the fire can rekindle even when everything appears to be under control.

Despite the fact that no one was killed, traders who have lost items worth millions of Ghana cedis are feeling the brunt of the inferno that began as a smoldering ember.The Mayor of Accra, Mohammed Adjei Sowah, and some members of the Metropolitan Assembly also paid a visit to the spot to see for themselves the extent of the fire.

Mr Sowah said in an interview that due to a lack of water, the fire department was unable to respond to the traders' initial requests.

Despite the fact that the Tudu fire station has a water hydrant, he claims that acquiring water for the equipment is a problem."The GFS is doing everything they can to put out the fire; but, information reaching me indicates that water has been a difficulty.""As a result, I'd like us to concentrate on putting out the fire right now, and then we can examine the issue and provide a proper report on what happened afterwards."

We have a water hydrant, but not enough water, which is the issue,” he explained.

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