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My Mother Inlaw set me up For Rape.

There are a lot of people who do not appreciate, praise and acknowledge others for their good deeds done for them. There can be nothing worse than doing things with all heart for a person who is not grateful enough. Ungratefulness stems from greed, selfishness, and self-centeredness.

Man recounts how her mother inlaw set

him up with his wife's younger siblings who was 16years by then. Mr Peter writes;

"I have been married for 2years with my wife.

I am a Ghanaian staying in Europe but i do come to Ghana only during occasions or every six months because my mum was not in good condition so i was coming every 6month to check up on her.

I met my wife during one friends and family gathering when i came for Christmas holidays in December . I was usually staying for a month then i leave in January so i didn't get to know her better . However we were always talking and having video calls on the phone and she seems so calm and responsible from the onset.

A year later, we got married. I bought a new apartment in her name (because she was the one mostly in Ghana) for us to settle in. Everything was okay until she got pregnant. I invited my inlaw to come and stay with us since I was usually out the country and more also my wife needed her mum around to help her with some daily activities...

My mother in-law arrived with my wife's little sister who was 16 years old by then. I wasn't really bothered because i was comfortable with their presence...

Apparently it was my mother in-law who was preparing my food.

Am not sure what happened, but i strongly believe they had it all planned out and she drugged me during the Lunch. I ended up on the bed of my wife's little sister. I was asleep on her bed when i heard screaming and shouting from this girl so that noise even woke me up. I couldn't comprehend what was happening .My wife and mother in-law arrived at the scene upon hearing the screaming at the Hall. The young girl accused me of attempting rape and sexual assault.

Was reported to the Police and later sentenced to 2years in prison plus 5000 cedis fine.

None of them visited me while in prison.

After 2 years in prison, i came back and they have sold the house and moved. She was married and now staying with his husband. I only applied for custody of the child but she told me she Isn't my child. i later confirm from a DNA test and it was true indeed that the child wasn't mine.

It was very difficult for me in the beginning but i had to adjust and return back to UK.

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