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Young Slay Queens Smoke And Show Their "VG" On Social Media [Watch]

The youths are believed to be our future leaders and the ones to hold the steers of our great nation after the oldies are no more.

Hence, the young generation is expected to groom themselves and brace themselves to grab the leadership roles that will be left ajar by their predecessors and to surpass the achievements of previous leaderships.

However, that has not been the case as the economy and the current leadership and systems are poised against the youth hence leading most of them on the paths of desperation.  

The desperation for survival has led some of them into prostitution and other dangerous vices. This is the case of two young females who shared their sentiments on why they joined the trade of prostitution. They admitted that they know it was wrong but it has become a means of revenue for them hence, they can only stop it when they get better employment opportunities.

They shared this video while showing their VG and smoking like chimneys..

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