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Ladies, 10 Signs He’s Not Interested Anymore And It’s Time To Move On

Your brain tells you he loves you, but your mind is not on the same page. Which should I listen to? Unfortunately, his brain makes emotional decisions that are not always factual and may force him to miss clear clues about whether he is interested. If these 10 sound familiar, please move on to the next one.

1. He no longer asks about your life.

He was once interested in your life, but he is not interested anymore. You don't remember when the last time he asked about you was. At first, he wanted to know everything, but recently, as a switch flipped, he was not interested in the annoying words your colleagues said.

2. He Didn't Want You Close To His Family.

There was a time when he would invite you to dinner with his family or invite you out with his colleagues. These days he doesn't want you to be near his mom and dad and he doesn't even want to be near you. He keeps his distance because he tries to make the relationship less serious.

3. He is very active on social media.

Most people don't have seagulls that say they are no longer interested in you, so you need to see their behaviour. More specifically, their actions on social media. Does he suddenly post more photos of himself without a shirt? Do you like almost every bikini photo you see in your feed? He seems to be looking for something new.

4. He keeps you away.

What did he do last weekend? You don't know, do you? You used to participate in his life, but now, he is very mysterious. He will not tell you where he is going or who he will meet with. This is a very obvious sign that he is no longer interested in you. If he is, you will know his dinner plan.

5. He will not try to help you.

Many men like to play the role of "protector". They usually want to stay there in a crisis. But when you experience something serious, he will never be there. If he sees you upset, he will ignore it. He will not try to make you feel better or safer in the relationship. He makes you unhappy because he doesn't care.

6. He puts in less work.

Most of your relationship seems to be one-sided. You are the one who asks him to go out and keep trying to open his heart. He doesn't do anything anymore. This is a very obvious sign that he is no longer investing. If he likes you, he will put you into work.

He will call you and ask you out to make you feel needed.

7. Has no momentum

If your boyfriend thinks reaching level 100 in Halo is a sign of ambition, you're dating a loser. You are hiding for nothing.

You need guys who have drive and ambition; we need men who have aspirations and want to improve themselves.

A man who spends his entire days playing video games, eating junk, and waiting for the football game to start is a guy who probably won't change no matter how hard you try. Drive is innate, you can't teach it. I let it go.

8. He undermines your dreams

We all need dreams. Dreams give us hope and make us believe in a better future. Without dreams, what good would it be even to try? What good would living even do? If your man is the type who pours cold water on your dreams and tells you to keep your feet on the ground because life isn't going to get any better, the alarms should be ringing in your head. What he needs and deserves in a relationship are support and encouragement. You need a man to support you and share your dreams.

9. He doesn't make you feel loved

You suggest going to a romantic dinner and he just grunts. He doesn't understand why they need to spend so much money when he could just heat them some soup.

You suggest calling him before bedtime to say good night, but he says he just text him.

You suggest they go together for a weekend, but he needs to keep up with football so he really can't go. It's the playoffs, he can't miss it. If this sounds familiar, you may take it as a sign that you are not that committed to this relationship. It sounds more like he can do without all the hassle.

10. You have already broken a few times

If you've already broken up multiple times because he's not committed, only to get back together each time because he's promised he can change, you should know by now that it sounds like a broken record. Think of this great quote: "It's called a breakup because it's broken."

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