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After Vaccination doesn't mean there are no COVID 19. See reports

Ghanaians response after the "vaccines "

Some citizens of the country were not happy about the introduction of the vaccines while others became excited. The people who were in support of the vaccines hot themselves vaccinated at the various health centres.

The vaccination started gradually and now it has been able vaccinate 845000 of Ghanaians. This exercise of getting to a successful end.

But the fact is, there are about 24 million people live here in Ghana meaning there are a lot more to get vaccinated. So this tells a lot that the COVID 19 is still in the country.

Attitudes after the vaccines

Many of our citizens had ignored the safety protocols mentioned to us by the ministry of health. If care is not taken it will jeopardize the health of a lot of citizens.

Ghanaianshave now stopped wearing the nose mask, face mask and even will not go for the vaccines. Why are they not adhering? This is because they thought the COVID to ne no more and since the vaccines are available there us nothing to worry about.

Meanwhile the vaccines efficacy is about 64% ranging and the immunity of the victim. Reintroduction of the safety protocols may help solve this problems.

Ways to solve these problems of protocols

1. Compulsory wearing of nose till there are no cases.

2. Observing the 6 feet distancing from people.

3. Avoiding overcrowded places and poorly ventilated places.

4. Get yourself vaccinated.

5. Wash your hands at regular intervals.

6. Cover your sneezes and coughs.

7. Use disinfectant.

8. Visit near health clinic if you hav any disorders.

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