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Kofi Adoma Exposed By Fans For Skin Bleaching, Tagging Him As Majid Pro Max

Veteran Ghanaian columnist and vlogger, Kofi Adoma Nwawani, has been savaged by fans over alleged skin blanching.

A photograph of Kofi and proficient provocateur Albert Nat Hyde, otherwise called Bongo Ideas, showed the moderator looking pale.

Fans said Kofi had blanched his skin.

Another fans said Kofi Adoma you are very good vlogger so don't let people talk bad things about you.

As per them, he began looking dull as Ebony and wound up more pleasant than entertainer Majid Michel.

He was savaged over attempting to change his skin tone and tone. "Kofi

Adomah turns Majid Michel," one fan humorously composed.

The remark came after Kofi gave a stage to rotten web-based entertainment disturbance Bongo Ideas, whose blatantly stupid hostile discourse has the nation ready to fight.


His takes have the majority of web-based entertainment set up to brawl, and Adoma is likely getting a portion of this savaging only for giving Bongo a stage.

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