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Wedding dress

5 Simple white gowns for you.

When we think of church weddings, we mostly think of stunning and beautiful white dresses that we can usually only dream about wearing. From a very young age, ladies start to daydream about their fairytale wedding day and oh definitely, one of the best parts is the oh-so desirable white dress you will walk down the aisle in, looking beautiful and your groom waiting.

Wait, but why are wedding dresses white? and why do brides wear white? What makes them wear white??? What difference does it make if they wear a different colour. I bet it would shock you to learn that this tradition is actually fairly new in the western world.

Don't you wonder why wedding dresses are white? Long long ago, it was far more frequent and normal that women would choose other colours over white to wear as their wedding gown. Brides mostly wore wedding dresses that were so many different colours, especially in the western societies. Coloured gowns were mainly for practicality over anything else. Even though our era is used to buying a wedding dress that will be worn once and then put to the back of the wardrobe and brought out again every few years for nostalgic and happy memory reasons. It wasn't like that years ago, brides would choose a dress that they could wear again, or they didn't even pick a gown for their wedding, they simply wore the best dress that they already owned.

The now tradition (white gowns) actually started with Queen Victoria's 1840 wedding to Prince Albert. Before this, white was an uncommon and unpopular choice of gown colour, largely due to impracticality and difficulties afterall white is VERY hard to keep white and it used to cost so much in that era. I mean only the very wealthiest could afford to purchase a white dress that could only be worn once. The only other notable instance of white wedding gowns was from Mary Queen of Scots in 1559. However, when Queen Victoria and Prince Albert wed, wearing a white dress was suddenly very much sought after.

Getting married soon, now you know the history, here are 5 simple, less expensive styles you could try.

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