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Date Rush;Desmond Goes Home With Her Dream Lady Whiles Rockson Is Disappointed For The Sixth Time

The stage is set, the contestants are ready, we have entered a new world, but there is so much hope. There is a light at the end of the tunnel for single guys prospecting to get a date. Tv3 Date rush this evening is part of that light in the entertainment world. Ten male contestant appear on the show, for a couple of minutes, they enter into a world that someone created to look for love. It doesn't matter what the viewers think or who is good or bad, love they say is blind.

The first Lady who appeared on the show is Jennifer she indicated that her first relationship ended in tears because her guy was quick tempered and the jealous type. He once saw her with the a friend who was a boy and accused her of infidelity. He always suspects her of cheating.

She also indicated that she always loved guys who like going out when it comes to theatre, arts, music, movies, books and TV shows. Her last question which received an amazing answer from Desmond was what if she gets home with him and she doesn't like to cook but keeps pressing on her phone, what will they do? Desmond responded by saying I am not perfect and we are all in a relationship to change each other.

Rockson who has been on the show was disappointed as Jennifer turned her rush off. This was his sixth time. He was finally given the encouragement from colleague contestants.

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