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Efia Odo mocks fan who expressed lustful interest in her

Efia Odo’s tempting photos have become a reason for a fan to gain selfish sexual interest for the socialite and actress.

The fan said he will ensure that he gets Efia Odo in his bed in order to perform sexual intimacy with her

This comment was clearly a lustful one that stemed out from a photo Efia Odo shared where parts of her upper body were for viewing.

Efia Odo did not hesitate to burst the bubble of @byosef_ who vowed to get in bed with her whether by hook or by crook. According to Efia Odo, the fan is too cheap for her considering the value of his prick…ouch!

However Efai Odo seems to have taken his words as a joke as there was no conflict between the two of them

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