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Man Destroys Roman Catholic Statues Of Jesus And Mary Claiming They Are Idols And Converts To Islam

Religion is always a controversial subject to touch on as you might find yourself in the bad books of a group of people because you might bruise their beliefs and faith.

There's no debate that the Christian faith is a divided movement hence the practice of the Christian faith is diverse in most denominations. 

One of the most controversial dilemmas most Christians have is with the Roman Catholic Church and its use of statues, images, and rosary among others as a means of worship and prayers whereas the Bible says clearly that we should desist from raising any physical moment to pray through or as a direct point of contact to God.

Perhaps the Catholic Church knows something that the other denominations aren't aware of since it is one of the oldest Churches in the world. However, we are not here to thrash someone's faith but to simply inform you of a man who destroyed statues of the Holy Mary and other saints claiming that they are idols and converts to the Islamic religion instead.

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