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Wassce Paper Cancellation Brouhaha, WAEC Or Students, Who Is At The Biggest Fault.

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It has been about one Month when the Wassce 2021 started with the visual arts practicals. They have crossed half of the Wassce Journey as they aresupposed finish writing on 8th October. 

Last week two Papers, Business Management and Physics got cancelled by the Waec council due to the fact these these papers werw going Viral online. Waec council also revealed that further investigation are being done on the English papers because, they said it seems that also leaked.

Over the weekend one popular 'Apo' dealer known phresh who owns the WhatsApp group Jerusalema have been arrested in Kasoa after an allegation was conducted.

But the biggest question I am asking is that who is at fault for the Wasce paper cancellation. Is it the students or Waec.

WAEC council is the institution that set the Wasce examination questions. They are those who have access to the questions . So how is it possible for the papers to leak. Who is the person. Having the keys where the papers are being stored that person should be arrested and questioned. And does Waec mean that they do not have any CCTV cameras at their offices.

The students who had the papers and posted them online also are not intelligent. This is final exam, how can you get the papers and post them while you know that Waec officials will be busily searching through online that they will find any one at fault.

All all of the bodies carry blames. But between these two bodies, the WAEC and students who is at the biggest fault for the cancellation of the Wasce 2021.? Leave you comment in the suggestion box below.

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