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A man recalls what occurred after allowing a church members' daughter to stay with him

Mr. Isaac Tufa, 39, of Akrosono in Ghana's Western Region, revealed his agony of being accused of impregnating a 22-year-old girl named Abena Namigso when she came to reside with him. The man claimed that he is a church elder and that the lady is the daughter of one of his church members.

He explained that Abena and her brothers went to work at a galamsey site, but the pit fell on her brother, who perished at the spot. Abena, according to the guy, used to have nightmares about his brother's death.  

Her mother came to beg him to stay with her daughter so that they could pray for her to stop having awful dreams. Mr. Isaac granted the church member's plea and let Abena, his wife, and children to remain with him.

Mr. Isaac discovered her in the room of a young man staying in their neighborhood four months later. He returned Abena to the house, but on the way back, he slept with her in an unfinished structure. He found out Abena was pregnant the next day and phoned her parents to notify them of her pregnancy. 

When Abena's parents inquired about the individual responsible for the pregnancy, she informed them that Mr. Isaac is to blame.

The man admitted to sleeping with her once, but she claimed that he was the one who pregnant her. Abena's parents contacted their church pastor about the problem; they all went to see the pastor and agreed that he should care for Abena until she gave birth. Mr. Isaac accepted it and looked after her. He stated once more that Abena had given birth but he does not know where she is now. He, too, want to undergo a DNA test to determine whether or not he is the biological father of Abena's kid.

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