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The Senior sharks quiz is back, here is what to know about the Senior sharks season 5.

The Sharks Quiz is the biggest scholarship quiz platform for high school students in Ghana, offering a range of scholarships in Medicine, Engineering, IT and the Social Sciences for our #Sharkscholars

Here are the confirmed scholarship slots for Season 5 of #SeniorSharks 

1. Founder's Scholarship

Family Health Medical School

At least 1(one) full scholarship will be offered to deserving student(s) interested in pursuing Medicine. Scholarship includes full tuition, accommodation, book allowance and a laptop.

With 12000$ per year

2. Presidential Scholarship

Academic City University College

One (1) Engineering scholarship for a deserving student. Scholarship entails tuition, accommodation and monthly stipends.

Worth 10,000$ per year

3. Kovsie Scholarship

University of the Free State, South Africa

One fully funded scholarship for a deserving student offering Arts or Business. Scholarship covers tuition, accommodate and book allowance. Student must maintain an average of 65% to maintain scholarship.

Worth 100,00 Rand per year

4. Moringa Scholarship

This IT scholarship will be awarded to 2 deserving students interested in pursuing an online higher ed course in software engineering, data science and coding. Successful candidates will be placed to work in top international IT firms.

Worth 1500$ each for 6 months program

5. ALA GSP scholarship

One sharks candidate this year will benefit from a fully sponsored 10-day leadership camp with the Africa Leadership Academy, South Africa. Package includes flight, accommodate, training and excursions.

Package worth 5,000$.

In this year's #SeniorSharks!💪

The competing schools have been paired in an innovative virtual balloting session.

Group A schools will face off with Group B schools in the first Round of contests.

Subsequently, winners of Group A and B will take on our ranked schools in Group C.

An example is A1 vs B1 vs C1here is also the roadmap to the bragging rights of the sharks season 5.follow, like and share as we bring you more exciting moments from the Senior sharks season 5.

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