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Money Or Love? : Lady Sharing A Romantic Moment With Her Male Partner Around An ATM Machine

Money makes the world go round. The good book even says; money answers all things. Hence, it's no surprise that everyone is striving so hard to have enough for their survival.

However, greed for money leads people into some sketchy and dark places. People kill people for money, marry for money and do all sorts of things for the paper. Now, it's becoming almost impossible to be in a romantic relationship as a man without money.

It almost appears like without money, you can't even get love in the 21st Century. Hence, the question always arises when we see two people in a romantic relationship; is it, true love?

A lady was spotted having a romantic moment with her male partner believed to be her boyfriend around an ATM Machine and social media simply can not afford to overlook the fact that their romantic moment could have been influenced by money.

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21st Century Money Or Love


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