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Good skills parents can apply in nurturing children into adulthood

Every couple experiences joy when they are blessed with a baby. However, nurturing a child into adulthood is not only the responsibility of parents. To bring up a child that would be proud of, discipline is very essential. Discipline children is a difficult task that needs to be Carry out with care. Before punishing a child for wrong doing, a parent should make an effort to find out why something happened the way it did. This is the right approach if the disciplining process is to work effectively.

One of the serious mistakes which parents make is this that only one partner is solely responsible for disciplining the child. So the other partner looks on unconcerned even when the child is doing something wrong. If the disciplinary machinery is to work well, this should not be so. Discipline is a joint venture which both should handle together.

If a parent does not allow the other partner to have share control over the child, whatever disciplinary measures they apply would not be effective to make the exercise see the light of the day.

When a husband and a wife come from different backgrounds, they are likely to have different views and methods about discipline. At times, these differences can even cause real tension in a family. Parents may clash over how to train a child. Unresolved disagreements over the disciplinary procedure can become a wedge that drives a couple apart and create an opening for the child to play on e parent off against the other.

Certainly, parents needs to invest in training of their children. This is the best foundation upon which to build discipline. To prevent children from going wayward, parents should regularly set aside something to spend with their children. Admittedly, making such time is not easy but it is worth the effort. Probably, one of the most effective ways is to set noble and laudable pattern of behaviour for children to follow.

In order to bring up children to be good adults, they should be made aware of the importance of discipline. Then they cannot turn round to kick against set standards. It is right for parents to present a united front in disciplining their children

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