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(Pure Facts): Jesus Christ Was A Blackman And Not A Whiteman As The Whites Claim Him To Be.

Africa is a continent with great history than any other continent in this world. But we are looked down upon as the inferior race and in recent years have been classified as “Third World” by these same white people. This has been possible for them because we as black people have failed to take responsibilities of our findings and works. There are a lot of things that truly happen in Africa that the whites have taken upon themselves as theirs and come back to teach we the young generation as if they were those who discovered it. Some of the things they claimed to be of their findings is like the discovery of the new world, civilization and Christianity.

According to historical findings of artifacts and bones excavated in that land shows that black people were the first to ever step foot on that land and inhabited the place long before the coming of the red indies who are now seen as the indigenes of that land but as I said, we do not take responsibilities for what we do. Anyways, that is not the focus here today, the focus is on the biblical Jesus Christ.We all grew up to believe that Jesus Christ the Biblical son of God was White and the Devil depicted as a Blackman. Well, today I will refute to the claims. Please share this after reading. Throughout the Bible, there was no description of the identity of Jesus Christ but the Apostle called John in Revelation 1:14-25 described him and all his description matched a black man.

In his explanation, he described Jesus’ skin as a darker hue and his hair was woolly white as the wool of a sheep. His eyes were like flaming fire, his feet were like burnished bronze, refined as in a furnace. Now with the description, let us take each part one by one and see if truly Jesus Christ was black or White. With the skin we already agree with no doubts that it is that of a black man now let us see the hair. But before that, the eyes are just like many of us. We normally link this eye color to weed smokers, no offense. Let us analyze the hair.Now let me ask you, among blacks and whites, who has a woolen like type of hair? Research has it that whites have fury hair. And that disqualifies the white race to claim Jesus as their kind. Now you see? Okay let us go to the feet.

The feet according to the Bible in revelation by John the seer was like furnaced fine bronze right? Okay the look at the picture below to see for yourself that Jesus Christ was black.With these proofs, let no one ever lie to you again that Jesus Christ was white and not black. Please pardon me if there were any mistakes in the article. Do not forget to comment like and share and also follow Dimaskinosnews for me.

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