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Ghanaians Left In Shock After Veteran Gyanwaa Reveals She Has No Properties After 20 Years Of Acting

The Ghanaian entertainment industry is the major source most Ghanaians depend on to entertain themselves. Their industry is made up of different categories like music, acting, etc. The Ghanaian entertainment industry has been around for many decades. There are tens of thousands of entertainers who have worked very hard to keep the industry alive. One major problem with the Ghanaian entertainment industry is its poor royalty system. There are always new veterans who show up in interviews and talk about how life has been after their service to the Ghanaian entertainment industry. In this article, I will discuss veteran actor Maame Gyanwaa, who recently revealed how unfair the industry has been to her.

Actress Mavis Yeboah alias Maame Gyanwaa recently showed up for an interview where she made revelations about herself after 20 years of service to the Ghanaian entertainment industry. Maame Gyanwaa is well known for her awesome acting skills during the days of Akan drama. She has recently revealed that she hasn't been able to acquire any property after her 20 years of acting. Maame Gyanwaa disclosed that she was part of the Adassa group during the days of Akan drama. The veteran actor said she has been an active actor for over 20 years. She disclosed that her payment had been very poor.

Maame Gyanwaa revealed that she hasn't been able to purchase a plot of land or even build a house. The veteran actor said that she used to enjoy some freebies. Maame Gyanwaa revealed that she was engaging in some side hustle aside from her active acting career. This side hustle helped her build a 4-bedroom structure to the lentil level at a location called Ablekuma Joma. Maame Gyanwaa sadly disclosed that she had to sell the structure for as cheap as GH¢12,000.00 to raise money for her son, who had been diagnosed with cancer. She said despite all her efforts to save her son, he lost him at one point.

Maame Gyanwaa says she is currently left with nothing. She disclosed the critical condition her eyes are in at the moment. According to the veteran actor, she is only able to see with her right eye because the left is not working. Maame Gyanwaa says she pays a total amount of GH¢3,000.00 each month for her eye treatment at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital in Kumasi. The veteran actor also revealed that she currently has three children who are all girls. Maame Gyanwaa is a single parent to her children because she separated from her husband when her late son was not much grown. The popular veteran actor got the attention of Ghanaians when she featured in the TV series titled "Chorkor Trotro" alongside the Ghanaian comedian, Funny Face.

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