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SHS students beat up their Maths teacher.

On the 27th of August, it was announced at a social gathering of a secondary school that some students were punished by their maths teacher for not copying math note but they refused to do it.

The students were called outside and the headmaster ordered the teacher to give them another tough punishments and supervise them to do before going home because it’s vacation day. They were five boys and a girl.

After the gathering, the teacher took the students to a portion of the school which is full of stubborn grasses and snakes. He then asked the five boys to clear the whole place with hoe.

He then asked the girl to fetch three buckets of water into the school’s Veronica bucket and come back and supervise the boys because he is going to sleep.

This got the boys so angry and they started complaining and insulting the teacher. The teacher also got angry and slapped one of the boys.

This resulted into a severe fight and the five boys beat up the teacher till he went into coma. Then the students ran away including the girl and the teacher was also sent to the hospital.

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