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"You Can't Be Great By Destroying Great Men"- Prophet Nigel Gaisie

The founder and leader of Prophetic Hail Chapel, prophet Nigel Gaisie has disclosed that people should stop destroying great men for you can't be great by destroying great men.

After a lot of talk about the founder and leader of lighthouse chapel international, prophet Dag Heward Mills, prophet Nigel Gaisie has stated that Dag Heward Mills is a great man who he respect a lot and a mentor to him.

According to prophet Nigel Gaisie, prophet Dag Heward Mills is an inspirational to him and he have travelled into many nations with the gospel of Jesus Christ, and he is the only Ghanaian in all humility, he saw his church scattered across the nations he has visited.

Prophet Nigel Gaisie said he was shock to the core when he saw one of lighthouse Chapel church in one of the remotest area of senegal.

However, prophet Nigel Gaisie stated that the place where he saw prophet Dag Heward Mills church was a dominants of Islamic community or nation.

He said he always pray for the man of God and asked God to help him also build churches across the globe for prophet Dag Heward Mills influence across the globe is evidential to everyone.

He told Ghanaians that people can't be great by destroying Great men to defend the man of God who has been trending in the country this week.

See his message below.

"I have traveled nations with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and you are the only Ghanaian in all humility, I see your CHURCH SCATTERED ALL AROUND THE NATIONS I HAVE VISITED, I WAS SHOCKED TO THE CORE TO SEE A LIGHTHOUSE CHAPEL IN ONE OF THE REMOTEST AREA OF SENEGAL, (An Islamic dominanted nation. I always pray to God to help my church be like yours SIR, Your influence across the globe is evidential. CAN'T SAY MORE. YOU ARE ONE OF MY INSPIRATIONS, YOU ARE OUR JOY AND A GOOD EXAMPLE. MORE WINS SIR. OUR MENTOR, OUR FATHER, OUR JOY.

N.B: YOU CAN'T BE GREAT BY DESTROYING GREAT MEN" he said on his facebook wall.

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