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Date rush: it'll not end in tears, netizens blast blogger on social media.

TV3's reality show, date rush may seem like a normal TV show, where young people appear on for clout, but people find real love on the date. A few weeks ago, Prince got a date, after Candybell chose him as her date, and it seems the pair are taking things serious with each other. A video was shared by a blogger on social media via Instagram about the pair, as they cozy up with each other. The video was captioned it'll end in tears part 7.

The caption has infuriated netizens and fans of the show, who believe bad-mouthing someone's relationship isn't a good idea. Netizens have condemned the blogger's choice of words, and urged him to wish other people well. One user, who goes by the name, miezah showed her dissatisfaction by replying "you just lost a follower, who ever you are, just grow up”. Do you think the blogger's choice of words were right toward Prince and Candybell's relationship? Check out how netizens reacted to the caption.

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