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A close look at the Northern part of Ghana

The northern part of ghana consist of five regions which includes Northern Region, Savanna Region, Upper East Region, Upper West Region and North East Region.

"Other people call it North but we call it home", a statement used by northerners. The northern part of ghana has a lot of cultural practices which are very indigenous and it also has a number of site or tourist attractions including the "Larabanga Mosque" and the "Special Stone".

People who have never been to the north have the perception that it is a village or consist of different nuture of human beings.

It is a nice place to be incase you have never been there before. It is only in the Northern Regions in Ghana where one or a stranger can be given a free accomodation to live in. This shows how kind they are in welcoming people to the land.

They also have a lot of very attractive and exciting cultural displays and festival including the "fire festival" which is celebrated by Dagomba people in the new year of the Hijr calendar.

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