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Health, Barreness Is Over: Become Mother Today With Egg And Seed Under Leaf (Phyllanthus Niruri)

Dan Yaboo|

Become Mother today, and forget your Tears of Barreness or ChildBearing, with Egg and Phyllanthus Niruri which has local names as, Awummaa guwakyi(Twi), Kpavideme(Ewe) and Ombatoatsi(Ga Adangbe).

Phyllanthus Niruri or seed under Leaf is a smallish green plant, which normally grows tall from 3 to 5 cm, it grows from a preference environment under climate change and has a seed under the leaves

PHYLLANTHUS NIRURI'S Like all plants, phyllanthus niruri undergoes an alternation of generations. Sead under Leaf has a dominant sporophyte (diploid) stage in its lifecycle, while the gametophyte stage (haploid) is reduced. The flowers of Seed under Leaf are monoecious meaning both the male and female parts are on the same plant.

Subsequently, Barreness or ChildBearing is a very common problem in this country, which has even wiped out some Marriages,

Well, become mother today with just one simple remedies, egg and seed under Leaf.

Indications for use

Look for the plant, Phyllanthus Niruri or seed under Leaf, you can get it in your garden or house because it normally germinate every where together with weeds,

And get one uncooked Egg,

All you need to do is, Remove about 7 or more seeds that is under the leaves, take the uncooked egg, break small the top of the egg and put the seeds into it,

Because the egg is broken small, find some polythene rubber, tied it inside and cook it.

Afterwards, eat it. Do this for 7 days or more and see, you will surely give birth and also be called mother, and also thank God, me and Operanews.

Thank you, the only thing you have to do is to share and follow me for more informations, more are yet to come.

By: Dan Yaboo|

Content created and supplied by: DanYaboo (via Opera News )


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