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Seven Words Of Caution To Every Young Lady Who Is Planning To Enter Into A Relationship

There a lot of misunderstanding that exist between the relationship that binds a man and a woman who are staying as husband and wife due to the fact that they don't trust each other. Therefore there is need for every lady to know what it takes before entering into marriage. Below are seven words of caution and also a piece to f advise to every single young lady or girl who is planning to enter into marriage or relationship with a man.

1. First of all Don't waste a man's time and resource if you know you will not marry him. Many young girls of today are of the motive of just spending the time and resource of a man and later leave them to marry another man. Advise yourself if you are one of those type of girls.

2. Don't borrow another woman's husband.

3. Don't start courtship relationship too early if you are not ready to settle down.

4. In your courtship relationship look out for the warning sign. It is very advisable to every lady who is in a courtship relationship to figure out the likes and the dislikes of their partner.

5. Never defile your marriage bed. You are to mentain your virginity till marriage.

6. Marry someone with an aim not somebody with game. Marry who will help you accomplish your vision in life.

7. Don't be freshful like but spirit full, not lustful but prayerful.

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