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What Has He Done For Them? Ghanaians React To Madina's MP For Scheduling A Protest About Poor Roads

The Member of Parliament for the Medina constituency in the Greater Accra Region, Mr Francis Xavier Sosu has already served a notice to the Adenta Divisional Police Command to emback on a demonstration in the whole Constituency.

According to the lawmaker, the Constituency is going through a lot of development challenges but the government has turn a deaf ear to them. He is of the opinion that, his constituency and the constituents are in dire need of certain basic amenities and he wants the government to respond to their cry.

Mr Francis Xavier Sosu in an interview with JoyNews made it known to the public that, It seems nothing is working in his Constituency, Madina and he cannot be a Member of Parliament of an area where nothing works. So if it is not working, then he will make it work.

He also lamented that, about every constituency should have a share of the national cake and for that reason he will make sure his Constituency also gets what his people deserves.

And for that reason, he has scheduled a protest or demonstration that is come off on the 18th of October, 2021 in the Constituency. And this is to ensure that the government pays attention to the poor roads and drains in the Constituency.

But it seems several Ghanaians are not in support of his demonstration in the Constituency. Almost all those who talked or commented about his protest on social media wanted to find out if he is not in the right position to solve these problems himself.

One of the netizens writing about this same issue asked, "What has the MP himself done for the people people. He is trying to be smart and lay the responsibilities on the government."

Below are also some of the comments other Ghanaians gave in relation to honourable Francis Xavier Sosu demonstration that is set to come off on the 18th of this month in Madina.

These responses to the MP's stand, implies that, the Hon Sosu is not performing his duties properly as an MP and hence has to use this method to solve the problems in his Constituency.

What is your opinion about the MP's protest and what some Ghanaians are saying?

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