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Wedding planning scene

The Wedding Night Experience

I suggest that all newly married couples should please spend their first marriage night together at a place if privacy such as a guest house, motel or a Hotel if they have the means.

The reasons are very simple but lovely.

1. It is very much important to spend your own money on yourselves after spending much money on friends during their wedding ceremony, reception, bachelorette etc.

This is the time you should experience the fruit of your labour.

2. To serve as your first time marriage experience and a point for reference, you need to go for your honeymoon outside your place of residence.

Marriage on its own has many challenges so it's good having a good memory to cancel any ordeals that may may come along the journey of marriage.

That is, it's gonna be a strong point to stand and look back to with joy when things become tough, it will encourage you.

3. Many good times in a person's life begins with a grand ceremony, like celebration of Birthdays, grand opening of a new building, celebration of marriage anniversary etc.

So a day like this which is once in a life time needs to be well celebrated.One thing that should let you know is a special day is the brides dress.

A real wedding dress is worn for ones yet it's very expensive. So it's a moment with special things attached and must be celebrated to the fullest if you have the means.

I wish all newly weds the best of love.

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Wedding Night Experience


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