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4th richest man Bill Gates' cool divorce message has got Ghanaians talking

Microsoft founder and co-chairman of Bill and Melinda Gate Foundation has announced his divorce from his ex-wife Melinda Gates. The world’s 4th richest person valued at $130 billion dropped this bombshell about an hour ago on his social media handles. He said after a lot of thought he and his ex-wife Melinda has agreed to end their marriage.

Bill Gates married his ex-wife in January 1994 at the age of 39. This year marked their 27-year anniversary but unfortunately there won’t be any more anniversaries. Bill Gates has however announced that he and his ex-wife will continue to work together in their foundation. Below is his message.

The divorce of Bill and Melinda marks the end of another marriage billionaire marriage. World richest man Bezos divorced his wife almost 2 years ago and now Bill Gates have followed suit. One wonders if this is becoming a trend among billionaires. Ghanaians have shared their views and opinions on this breaking news. While many don’t care about this news and are more concerned about what is happening in Ghana, a few are surprised and unhappy with this news. Below are some of their comments. Read it below and share your opinions. Bill Gates cool divorce message has got Ghanaians talking

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