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The Great Legacy Of Samuel Osei Kuffour.

Samuel Osei Kuffour is a retired Ghanaian professional footballer who played as a defender. He played big clubs like Bayern Munich, FC Nurnberg, AS Roma, Liverpool, Livorno, Ajax and Asante Kotoko.The former Black Star player said his mum is the most influential person in his life because he saw his mum struggling with his three sisters when they were living in uncompleted storey building at Zongo Community. They were the only people staying inside the the five uncompleted storey building and this was very risk because any person can branch in and harm them. When asked about the relationship between he and his dad, he said he never had any issues with his dad. The only problem was, his mum told his dad why is it that they are still struggling this way for a very long time which they used to eat Awanmo about one year, but he told his mum that she should leave this man alone because he tried his best and things maybe better in future. Later on, his dad travelled to Canada in which he was working there but unfortunately, he got stroke and died.

Sammy Kuffour further said, his children are now his future and he has customized each child name on his cars according to their performance on the field that they play. He has three sons who are; Floyd, Junior and David. All their names are been customized on the cars and each of them have their desires, Floyd told his dad that he want to be a boxer, David and Junior has followed their father footsteps and both of them are now playing in England. All the cars and the houses are for his children.

Also, they were so many controversies about Sammy Kuffour football career. The late Ben Kofi told the media that they sacked Sammy Koffour from the comp in Mali 2002, but later on Ben Kofi came personally to Koffour and made an apology about what he did to him and some also sent a text to Sammy that coach Malik was the one that sacked him from the comp which wasn't true. They gave the rumours that Kuffour went to Night Club but that time it was village which they were no Night Club. He said they did not like him to take part and that was the reason he left the comp. Michael Essien left the comp in 2002 and Derick Boateng cooked in his room because of some certain reasons.

Sammy Kuffour used to performed a leadership role in Mali. He was the one who organised Adidas for the Black Star team in the tournament because Ghanaians players were wearing their own T-shirts which was very bad for him to see South Africa, Burkina Faso and other countries wearing Adidas sports wear because no one knew it was Ghana team until they had the Adidas wear.

There was another rumoured that, Sammy Koffour placed a bet with Totti on the 2006 FIFA World Cup that was the reason he scored an own goal. He said it was false news because he had conservations with Totti and De Rossi on that game when they were at Turin to play match against Juventus but it wasn't a bet. I was an inspiration between them on who will win the the game. When they asked Kuffour whether he regretted on his career, he said no because he had great records more than the little mistake he did in 2006, in the tournament, 6 players scored an own goals and even one won the World Cup.

Sammy had left a great memories for Bayern Munich especially the day that Bayern Munich were playing Champions League simi final against Manchester City in 2001 which Sammy Kuffour gave his friend Oliver Khan a kissed of life when he got injured on the pitch. The late Kofi Annan also met this talented man in Japan when they were going to play international world championships Cup. They both were at the same hotel and he gave a strong advice to to him that, Sammy you are going to play for Ghana, Africa and to the entire world, so we need your best performance.

He has also played on the same field with Christiano Ronaldo, Zidane, Zambbrotta, Figo and many more before he hang his boot.

Currently, he is sports presenter at Super Sports in South Africa.

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