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You Don't even Have the Dignity to Provide Psychosocial Support to the Students - Johnny Hughes

The issue of examination malpractice keep recycling every year, WAEC is finding it difficult to solve the problem. Since the beginning of the West Africa Secondary School Certificate Examination(2021), questions are leak few minutes to the start of the examination. The source of the leakage of the examination question is yet to be identified by WAEC over years of investigations. WAEC should be able to deal with their own to solve the canker.

The strong room of WAEC where the question papers are kept have officers in charge of the room, those in charge of the srong room should be held responsible for the leakages. 

It is about time the processes leading to the conduct of the examination is computerised, it should be complete automated, technology should play the role in the printing, packaging and transportation of the question papers to the depots. 

The system whereby human controls the entire processing of the examination questions should be taken a second look, we have have failed several times in using manual information system in the conduct of WAEC examinations. 

Johnny Hughes and his team on the new day morning show laments on the conduct of examinations in the country. Many students applied for universities outside and these are the results they take outside, what are we telling the outside world. 

If these papers keep leaking, what are we doing to our future leaders, foreign universities may not accept students who apply with WASSCE certificate, they may see the WAEC certificate as inferior. WAEC is not a small body, already there are too many loopholes in our educational system. 

Johnny Hughes expressed his dissatisfactions on the cancelation of Physics and Introduction to Business Management, according to him, WAEC should have provided Psychosocial support to the students, some of these students rented apartments to write their examinations, who pays for the extra cost, Africa Education watch suggested to WAEC to inject technology in the conduct of the examination. Johnny Hughes said, "There is a whatsapp group page that solve the leak questions, two people volunteered to put me on the whatsapp platform where these papers are leaked and sold, I declined because I have only one phone number, somebody out of hatred may put me in trouble", we have our men on this whatsapp group, the questions start coming from 11pm. Africa Education watch indicated that there are leakages and WAEC denied, WAEC is not up to the tasks. 

WAEC is not providing free service to the nation, we pay for their services and they are given governmental support, they should sit up rather than coming out every year with a press release.

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