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Massive Reactions Greet The Commissioning Of The National Mosque

Ghanaians on social media have reacted to the commissioning of the National Mosque in Accra for the Muslim community in Ghana.

The Ghana National Mosque is estimated to cost $10million dollars and was built by the Turkish Hudai Foundation. The 15,000 capacity seater mosque complex built on a 10-acre land has ancillary facilities including offices and residences for the National Chief Imam, a research complex, a senior high school, a clinic, an administration block, and a conference centre.

Some Ghanaians who are following the live feed on Facebook have reacted variedly to the construction of this mosque for the country.

A user with the name Better Tomorrow questioned how the country could be celebrating the construction of a national mosque when countries like America are planning on leading in scientific innovations 

“America is planning on how to stop using fuel cars by 2040, we dey build mosques then a cathedral. Better Tomorrow  · 

But other followers reacted to his comment and took the opportunity to school him.

Mhr Suhu'Yini, a Facebook user, wrote “lol how illiterate are you. Who told you the building was constructed by the government. Go and sleep if you have nothing to criticize about”.

Bright Aduasare, another user, also wrote “Better Tomorrow Remember God is first in all your endeavours Nothing is possible without God. Americans always say God we Trust”.

There was the usual politicking too.

Faruk Tema, a known NPP apologetic, wrote “Beautiful edifice. May God bless the leadership of Prez Akufo Addo and National Chief Imam. Aamen.”

Sophia Squire also wrote, “It’s a sad rather today should be happier the committee should have invited all former Presidents and all those who started this mosque must be appreciated its shd not be seen as one man political achievements”.

The National Chief Imam, Sheik Dr. Usman Nuhu Shaributu was hailed for his humility. 

“The chief imam is a very humble man I have had the opportunity to see him for prayer even though I am not Muslim,” a user, Lifetime Legacy wrote. 

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