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Crimes in Ghana: High in Rate of Occurrence or High in Reportage?

Today, many Ghanaians are scared that there are too many crimes in Ghana. For the opposition- NDC, there is a surge in crime because of the hardship in Ghana. This is the conversation at the moment in Ghana because the media houses have been reporting cases with criminal content.

This phenomenon has impacted the decisions of many Ghanaians. Just yesterday, my mother prevented my kid sister from attending classes at 6 pm. She is preparing for her BECE so she had wanted to attend extra classes to advance her chance of success. But because the traditional media houses have been reporting kidnapping, robbery, body parts cuttings cases in the country, she feels unsafe.

However, there has always been crime in Ghana. According to, the Ghana crime index in 2021 is moderate. In fact, the index juxtaposed previous years to the current year and 2019 was our worst year. In 2014, the crime index of Ghana was 46.38, in 2015- 49.42, 2016- 49.01, 2017- 46.99, 2018-45, 2019- 51.95, 2020- 48.97 and in 2021- 46.98. This shows that we have always had criminal cases in Ghana, however, sometimes the media determines what we hear.

From the statistics, there is an indication that crime has been in the 40 index range and this year it has even recorded the least. So, what do I mean, we should ignore all the signals and act as though we are in a utopia state and stay careless? No. That is never the intention of my article. However, I am saying that crime is in Ghana like always before, therefore let us all be careful but not stop living life.

The media are only reporting because there are no politically controversial matters to discuss that is why these crime cases have become prolific in our media space. I tell you what, if today something or a controversial political matter emerges, all criminal cases will be relegated and the controversial matter will top headlines and discussion topics. When former President John Mahama said “Do or Die,” all the media houses diverted attention to discussions into explaining the lexical meanings and impact of the message. During all those times, there were crimes happening in Ghana, but they weren’t reported like now.

Like many other countries, there are crimes. In the USA and the UK, there are crimes there as well, at a high rate actually, yet we crave to travel there. But of course, they won’t report their crimes vehemently to make them appear horrible people. Politicians in Ghana should, however, fix the country by putting in place proper policies that will keep the youths employed. Because a cursory gaze at the crime rates indicate that people are in an incessant pursuit for money- either money rituals, body part sales or taking someone’s money in broad daylight.  

Be safe out there, fellow Ghanaians.

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