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"I Want A Virgin To Use" - Man Was Beaten Mercilessly As Ritual Prank Goes Wrong

In this world of ours, people do things without thinking twofold about it. Awful things happen every day that causes a hazard to human life.

According to the video trending on social media. A man came by a small store along a street and ask the store storekeeper "I want a virgin to use".

The store owner asks what do wants to do with the virgin he replied by saying, I just want to use her, so the woman started shouting calling out for people to come and witness what's going on.

They started questioning him until he took off his cloth and to the people's surprise he was wearing a fetish priest uniform under the normal cloth he was wearing.

Furthermore, according to the video, the crowd picked up stones some pick sticks as they started beating him up until blood started oozing out from some part of his body.

We need to be careful of what we do or say to people so that it does not lead us into trouble or a situation like this.

Please click on the link below to watch the video

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