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5 simple ways to attract blessing during this ramadan

There have been various forms of deeds that are good in our locality where these certain characteristics and behaviours towards society attracts blessings from God almighty.

1 Decent dressing; when one put up a religious behaviour and checks up the dressing code nicely such as covering the hair during prayer times and which it have no say by society does not only carry a blessing but also prevent one from becoming attracted to jinns.

2; polite speaking; when one speaks up politely to others attracts blessing from both society and God almighty.

3; HELPFUL: when one helps the elderly to carry out their activities such helping them to carry their load attracts blessing from God also when one shares part of his property with the poor also attracts blessings from Allah.

4: BEING PURE AT ALL TIMES; when one keeps up a pure heart relating in righteousness piety and also becomes prayerful attracts blessing from God almighty.

5: PRAYERS AND FASTING; when one becomes prayerful and devoted himself or herself from eating drinking and preventing any abominable and live a life of good fellowship also attracts blessing from God almighty.

5 sharing; when you share this post and it reaches out the corners of the earth attracts blessing when a person reads and practice.

May Allah favour us.

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