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5 Movies You Shouldn't Watch Alone

Yes, we know that you think you are very tough and that horror movies do not affect you. And maybe it's true. But what is undeniable is that any sensitive soul has many possibilities of falling into the networks of these twenty films , which we recommend that you do not see in the solitude of your home.

What good are friends if not to keep you company when you want to see a horror movie, but are too scared to do it alone? These are some of the most shocking titles in the history of cinema: to avoid if you want to continue sleeping peacefully, and to seek immediately if you want to experience terror in its most shocking state .

- Infernal Possession (Evil Dead) (2013)

This remake of 'Inferno Possession' managed to give the classic a good update and add an incredibly terrifying component. In this film, a group of young people are besieged by a demonic possession while spending the night in a cabin in the woods. A plot now typical of the genre, which here reached an incredible level of malrollism.

- Veronica (2017)

The director Paco Plaza left us frozen with this true story that occurred in the Vallecas of the 90s, where a house was apparently besieged by a spirit that ended the lives of some of its tenants. In the center we meet Verónica ( Sandra Escacena ), a teenager who deals with the premature death of her father and his hormonal changes and who will soon see how all that makes no sense when things start to move in her room. Creepy

- Babadook (2014)

Possibly one of the most terrifying films of the century. Jury Award at the Sitges Film Festival and declared Best First Feature by the New York Film Critics Circle, this film by Jennifer Kent will make sure your children's dream will never be the same again. Tense like few modern movies, although with an implicit message that makes it an unconventional horror movie.

- Insidious (2010)

James Wan , the king of modern terror, surprised with this film that has already accumulated three sequels. Its plot consists of a classic phenomenon in horror movies: strange things happen at home that seem to be related to a ghost. But Wan's ability to reverse the codes of horror while embracing them is what makes this film such a modern little gem. And it's very scary.

- Buried (2010)

A man wakes up inside a coffin with a mobile phone and a flashlight. The audience remains embedded in their seats and holds their breath thanks to a montage, planning and lighting that handcrafted make it seem that the film is actually shot inside a box.

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