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If you allow any little property of satan to be attached to you, you will go to hell - Jesus Christ

A Pastor has narrated his experience in Heaven. A mighty had shown him a lot of mysteries when they visited hell and right after, they departed for heaven. When he reached heaven’s gate, he described how his body had to change into a heavenly one.

He said ‘I realized that I was now wearing my heavenly garment. I had changed from my fleshy nature to a nature that was so beautiful and befitting to the heavenly city. My nails changed to be like glass. The heavenly gate opened for us, and then the angel entered with me. I was walking on gold.’

Since they had now gotten to heaven, the angel had to hand him over his Lord. He continued how the Lord made him somehow sad for the words He spoke to him. Even though it was factual, he felt a little sad. In his words, he said ‘while with the Lord, He said unto me WHAT I HAVE TO TELL YOU IS TO BE CAREFUL, TO BE CAREFUL, AND TO BE CAREFUL. He said it for three times.’

He continued ‘it does not matter how many times I have invited you to come into my kingdom. If you don’t become sober and be watchful and allow any small property of satan to be attached to you, you will go to hell.’ 

The statement that Jesus made me him very sad, yet Jesus continued his speech. ‘Some of my children that I have chosen are on the earth. Go back onto the earth and tell them that where I am will not entertain anything that is abominable or any property of the devil that we regard to be very small and insignificant.’ After the Lord gave me this message, He brought my spirit back into my earthly body. 

Narrating all these during a Sunday church service, he taught them how they had to be very careful to live a good life. ‘Righteous living is difficult but you have to strive. Holiness is difficult, Truthfulness is difficult but through it all, if you yearn for eternal life, you have to strive,’ he said. 

You have to strive just as our Saviour Jesus Christ, whom when he came onto this earth to die for us, had to strive though his death was difficult but because of you and I, he died to save us.

So if He’s now at a certain place that has been exquisitely prepared for us and desires that we live a worthy life which He has taught us how to do so, and we decide to use paths that bring us comfort, some time to come, those paths will work against us.

Let us be careful to live our lives in Holiness and righteousness in truthfulness, Amen.

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Jesus Christ


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