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Good news as Guinea military coup visits ECOWAS chair, pleads for more time to meet demands.

Indeed, the works of the ECOWAS Chair, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo who is also 5th the president of the fourth republic of Ghana are really good. Sometimes when a coup d'etat hits a Nation, no Organization dares to ask them coup men to return power to the captured ruler but this time, the chair of ECOWAS did so and it is yielding a great results. Have time to read this good news, like, share and follow up for more interesting updates. Your thoughts too are warmly welcomed in the section beneath the page.

Early in the month of September, the leader of the Guinea Special Forces with his military men overthrown the president of Guinea, Alpha Conde. According to men, the way Alpha Conde is infringing upon the rights of the people is too much and they cannot stand it so it's time for them to seize Democratic power in the country. The president was overthrown and his where about was something that was know only by leaders of the coup.

His Excellency the president of Ghana being the Chair of ECOWAS which Guinea is a member country directed the military men to return power to the president which the military men did so not. The UN also instructed the military men to return the country back to a Democratic State for which they turn death ear to. The ECOWAS following this insolence suspended the country from the Organization. The chair of ECOWAS after a second summit of the orgamination went to Guinea to have a man to man talk with the leader of the coup.

Recently, the chair of the Organization has received delegation from the leader of the coup to assure him that the military junta is ready to return the country back to her Democratic State. According to Col. Sadiba Koulibaly who came on behalf of Mamady, the time frame which the ECOWAS gave them is not for them to have an election due to their inadequate funds. He further pleaded with the chair of the organization to give them more time to do as the organization wishes. He further stated that the are going to have an electoral reforms to ensure free and fair election. His Excellency the chair also give them a nose but time frame given to will be decided by the organization soon.

So hopefully, Guinea will be returned to a Democratic State as many wanted. Alpha Conde according to the delegation is fine and nothing has happened to him. Your thoughts on the decision of the Mamady and his men are welcomed in the box beneath. Try as much as possible to follow up too.

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