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Worst dressed celebrities #VGMA22

Same way there is no cake without an icing is the same way there is no Vodafone Ghana Music awards without Ghanaians applauding and firmly criticizing what certain celebrities wore for the occasion. Just like we do every year, after a thorough inspection of what each celebrity confidently wore to red carpet, I present to you the top 10 fashion statements that got everyone talking after the 22nd edition of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards organized by Charter House.

  1. Nana Akua Addo

Be it a conflict in the mapping of the inspiration or a clear misunderstanding of what the night demanded, I clearly do not know-What I do know is there was obviously something wrong somewhere because at the end of the day, almost everyone agreed that what she wore looked more like a parachute than a dress. Again, there was vast difference between some of the images she posted on her instagram page and what most people saw on the night of the awards. Prior to what emerged as one of the ‘horrible’ looks that graced the occasion, no one can deny the fact that Akua Addo is a fashion goddess who defines fashion in her own bubble.

2.Oseikrom Sikanii

Be it an attempt to represent his brand or an effort laid to project a fashion brand, the artiste/comedian failed to win the hearts of many through this fashion statement.

3.Yaw Tog

Many say the Musician cum Senior High School student took an exeat from school to be present for the event so we can pardon him to an extent by assuming that he had less time to choose from a wide range of clothing within the short time given since. Regardless, I’m tempted to ask how. What went wrong? Who wears a regular jeans with a hoodie for a most talked about award ceremony for Ghanaian musicians.

4.AJ Poundz

5.Crystal K-Aryee

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