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How Senegalese Wrestlers Dress in a traditional way to fright for big cash (photo)

Hi lovely people hope you are doing well, am back with another article again

Wrestling is only common, in the united state of America but not in Africa, but today we going to talk about how, Senegalese are using their traditional way of wrestling, to gain attention on the internet.

Photo Source : Google

The root is from a group of wrestling tradition ,the people who used it, as a way of training for war.which began as tribal preparations, for battle has grown into village ritual, and as a form of entertainment.

Photo Source. : Google

The Men traditionally fight, at village festivals after the harvest, season as a way of attracting women, proving their manliness, and bringing honour to their villages.

Photo Source : Google

The past years traditional Senegalese wrestling has grown exponentially to become a national sport, with fighters competing for big prize money in large stadiums in front of thousands of fans.

Photo Source : Google

The Senegalese wrestling has now grown into a million dollar business, which attracts international investors.

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