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Date Rush: Why Fatima Never Got A Date In Season 4

The date rush program has finally ended after a thrilling season 4 edition.

The show ended with after the reunion last Sunday. This means we are not going to witness any show from next week Sunday onwards

One contestant on the date rush program who really entertained viewers and the audience of the show was Fatima.

The contestant and musician always came to the contest for a date but never had the opportunity to go home with one.

Though some felt it was normal since there were some ladies on the show who equally didn't get dates after the 4th season, hers was different because she was one lady who was loved by the audience.

One question you ask yourself is, If even the audience found her fascinating enough, why were the guys not interested in her.

Let me give you some relevant reasons why Fatima never got a date in the just ended season.

1. She was over selective.

Being selective when it comes to dating issues is something that is normal for a lady.

Divergent to this fact, date rush is a program where not only the ladies have the chance to select. Guys equally have the chance to turn off the rush of a lady.

Fatima's habit of always turning off her rush whenever she doubts about the guys got her into a lesser position of getting a guy on the show.

This is because, when a girl is contesting on the show, she doesn't have a 100% chance of selecting a guy unless she keeps her rush till the end.

This was one thing Fatima failed to do on the show. Anytime she kept her rush on till the end there was a strong competitor.

One other reason why she never got a date was because she was the sincere. Fatima was one contestant who said things the way she felt should be said.

This was one thing that so many guys on the show weren't cool with.

She never kept her impression about a guy on the show to herself and this is one thing that prevented her from gaining interest in the eyes of most guys who came on the show.

Regardless of the fact that, the most talked about and most entertaining contestant on the show never got a date, do you think Fatima was one lady who caught your fancy in season 4 of the date rush program?

Let us know your thoughts?

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