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Explained: Reason why most prepaid meters goes off at the end of every month.

For those of us who use prepayment meters, we are very well familiar with the fact that at the end of every month most prepayment meters goes off suddenly or a huge amount of deduction mysteriously is made on our meters.

This a bit confusing and annoying to know that you just bought an amount of say GHC50.00 worth of electricity just a couple of days ago only to find GHC30.00 worth of electricity on your meter dashboard.

Well for your information this mysterious disappearance or deduction made are actually legal and is made by the government, let me explain further for more insight.

At the end of every month there is a periodic deduction made on every prepayment meters, this is made based on their own percentage on your actual amount of electricity you have purchased so even if your prepayment meters contains insufficient balance the deduction will still be made hence your prepayment meters dashboard will appear negative until you reload it. 

Most people always complain about the fact that the balance on their prepayment meters is always reducing at a very fast pace, this accounts for customers always trooping to the Electricity Company Ghana Limited (ECG) for answers, for reloading etc. So if you don't want to delayed in a long queue always remember to reload your prepayment meters before it's the end of the month.

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