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Submit This Key Data by Monday, 27th September, 2021 for onward submission to Headquarters - GES

The Government of Ghana through the Ministry of Education and Ghana Education Service launched One Teacher, One Laptop project some weeks ago. According to Ghana Education Service, the laptops are personal properties of teachers not schools. This means that, the laptop would not be considered as a fixed asset of the school.

Ghana Education Service and Ministry of Education have tasked all Heads of Basic Schools to collect data on fixed assets of their respective schools.

District Statistics and Planning Officers of Ghana Education Service Directorates have sent templates and links to Heads of primary and Junior High Schools to complete. Headteachers have been given up to Monday, 27th September, 2021, to submit the completed templates to the District Statistics and Planning Officers.

Key information or data required include name of school, number and nature of classrooms, number of computers, number of printers, name of Headteacher and staff ID of Headteacher.

Others are the size of the school land, number of cupboards and number of other permanent structures.

A District Statistics and Planning Officer in the Savanna Region wrote:

"Good evening colleagues, please download the attached template, fill in the required information and submit it to the District Statistics and Planning Officer by the close of work, Monday 27th September, 2021. You have yourself to blame if you fail to meet this deadline".

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