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Is Your Child Showing These Signs? He May Be Affected With Autism.

As a caring nursing mother you shouldn't just pay attention to the kind of food you give to your baby and the drugs you give to him, but its your duty to have an up close view of your baby's development. You can see the small changes in the daily behaviours that indicate the baby is building up some new skills and abilities.

If you know how your baby reacts over time, you can easily detect any signs of development differences like autism. This is because the earliest signs of autism aren't the presence of an unexpected behavior, but an unexpected absence of a skill or ability that normally develop at certain ages.

According to the centre for disease control and prevention (CDC) most parents with autistic babies realize the signs within the first year, and 80 to 90% observe developmental differences when their child is 2 years old. Your observations and instincts are very crucial because noticing these developmental differences earlier gives the child the chance to be diagnosed and treated.

As a mother you should take immediate action the moment your realize your baby is shiwing the following signs.

Declining Eye Contact. Eye contact is one sure way babies use to interact and communicate with other people. Researchers have observed that babies who develop autism begin making less eye contact at around 2 months old.

Little or no Gesturing. Showing gestures or body movements is one of the primary formsvof communication in babies. Babies normally learn to gesture before they learn to talk. Autism babies generally point and gesture much less than normal children. Less pointing sometimes indicate the possibility of autism which in turn lead to language delay.

Non Response to their Names. According to research, a child should be able to show awareness anytime their name is mentioned especially when it is spoken by their mothers. Sadly, autistic babies even at nine months old will not be able to orient to their names.

Delayed language or speech. Though babies start talking at different ages, but researchers show that autistic babies often say and understand fewer words that normal children even at 12 months old. If your child is not saying single words by 16 months old or isn't saying two word phrases by age 2, visit a pediatrician.

Lastly, Regression is another major sign of autism in babies. As the baby grows he should show progress and improvement in new skills and abilities learnt. But in situations the Child rather forgets the skills he even used to know then there is a problem.

What is Autism? Autism is a set of developmental differences that affects the way people communicate, behave and interact with others. The CDC estimates that 2 out of every 1000 children is autistic.

Help your child by noticing these signs as early as possible.

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