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Check Moment A Disabled Man With His Able Bodied Wife Danced To Outdoors New Baby In Church(video)

Some Africans are mostly embarrassed to have a physically challenged person as a spouse and hence would never dream of being engaged or married to one. This couple are proud of each and they majestically danced to outdoor their new born child in church.

Despite the difficulties people with disabilities may have garnering intimate relationships, intimate relationships may be particularly beneficial for people with disabilities as they result in greater self-acceptance, less internalized stigma, and more friendship. 

Intimate relationships can be defined as follows: sharing ourselves with another person in a way we would not share with others. Intimate relationships include intellectual, social, emotional and physical components. Intimacy is present when people care and feel deeply about each other. Sometimes intimate relationships result in physical affection and sexuality.

Intimacy should not be confused with casual sexual relationships, even though the term “intimate” is often used to mean sexual contact in today’s society. Physical closeness is only one aspect of intimacy. Relationships with family and close friends may meet some people’s needs for intimacy. Others have a different level of need for intimacy that goes beyond friendships and family ties.

Social relationships, especially intimate ones, can enhance ones quality of life; benefits of social relationships include better emotional well-being, more favorable mental health, increased sense of belonging, stronger self worth, and lowered stress.

The self esteem of this couple has left many dumbfounded. And the have really proven that the able bodied can marry the disable. You can watch the full video here.

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