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I am stranded and jobless in Mauritania; I want to come back home - Ghanaian begs

Mauritania-based Ghanaian Eugene has revealed that due to the unavailability of jobs, he has become stranded and wishes to return to Ghana if his flight cost is funded. 

In a chat on Daily Hustle Worldwide, Eugene revealed that he worked in Senegal before leaving for Mauritania. However, it is the biggest regret of his life. According to Gideon, he has no money for a plane ticket but would accept any support. 

“The only job available for immigrants is hotel or restaurant work, but the immigrants are many. They allow Guineans to come as refugees, and they are allowed to work. But it is difficult for the rest of us to get jobs. My visa expired two months ago, and there is no Ghanaian embassy here to help me

Moreover, Gideon indicated that he is ready to get a job and pay back any sponsor who grants his wish of returning to his home country.

“The plane ticket is between 500 and 550 euros. It is a one-way ticket. I’m not asking them to send me the money, but I will send my passport details for them to buy the ticket online for me. Also, I am ready to get a security job to pay them back,” he added. 

Speaking on his job qualifications, Gideon mentioned that he took a course in Harvard University’s CS50 program so “I can create websites; both front and back end. I can do anything IT.”

Gideon advised Ghanaian youth to be cautious of travel agents. He warned that they must only travel abroad with a student or work visa. 

Kindly watch the full interview on YouTube: SVTV Africa

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