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Every Man I Date End Up Leaving Me Because They Can’t Handle My Weight – Woman Laments

Bullying of plus-size women is something that has been going on for far too long. People tend to condemn the a lot as they urge them to limit their eating and go to the gym to lose weight, which is completely incorrect because these ladies feel comfortable in their own skin and would have lost weight a long time ago if they didn't.

Social media is a depressing place to be, especially if you're overweight, because you'll always get negative feedback from others, which is one of the reasons why these people have low self-esteem.

It shouldn't matter what size you are as a person since what really matters is how comfortable you feel in your body.

However, dаting wаs never difficult for this lady since, despite being married, she would attract a large number of men who are interested in her, but the main issue is that every man she dates would come and go.

It appears that these men are attracted to her beauty but are unable to handle her weight.

The lady expressed her emotions as she spoke up about how no man will stay in a relationship with her for a long time because of her оversized body.

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