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How to check if your phone is original or fake. [Android and IOS]

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There are a lot of mobile devices out there on the market made up of both original and fake brands. These fake brands are imitations of the original though they work perfectly. They tend to break down over a short period giving wide range of problems to the user. In this article, im going to show to you how to check if a phone is original or fake.


1 Dial *#06#

2 Your IMEI code will be displayed.

Check if it matchs with the code at the back of the phone or on the phone's box or you can visit and input it there.

If it tallies or the information displayed on the site is the same, the device is original but if not the same, it is fake.


1 Go to settings and locate your serial number.

2 Check if it matchs with the number on the box or visit to enter the seen serial number.

3 If the number displayed is the same as the phone's specification, the device is original. If not, then it is fake.

4 The logo too must be opaque not transparent

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