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Top 8 Funny Jokes That Can Make a Girl Fall For You.

1. You can have sex with a beautiful girl for a year but she won't get pregnant but just one round with an ugly girl and consider yourself a father. Can someone explain why?

2.Africans have no time to rest; even after death, they still work as ancestors. 

3. If you are single, sometimes sleep with your door open maybe your soulmate is a thief.

4. Are you a young girl? Are you beautiful? Are you photogenic? Are you slim? Do you have what it takes to be a model?

If yes, please find something to eat, if not ulcer will kill you.

5. bro my wallet right now Is empty as your girl's head.

6. Can anyone please send me an airtime because when I dialed a number they told me that I don't have enough balance in my account, meanwhile I have Gh-10.00 in my account. Who can explain to me why?

7. My dear gentlemen, if you can't find the right lady, present the wrong lady to God, He will edit her for you.

8. Some peoplewish dey could post nonsense like us but they are busy acting mature to impress people who won’t marry them.

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