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Change the channel or put off your TV set if the content is not good for your kids - Agradaa fumes

A Renowned Traditional Priestess Nana Agradaa has urged Parents to put off their television or change the channel if they think the content on a particular channel will not help their wards.

According to her nothing stops a father or mother to put off their television if a particular TV station is showing something offensive while your kids are also watching.

A lot of people believe, that the recent incident at Kasoa where two teenagers killed a ten year old boy for rituals was a as result of the money ritual programs on the national television stations almost everyday and have called on the regulatory body the National Media Commission to ban them.

Nana Agradaa however disagrees and has called on the NMC to disregard such calls since parents have a choice of changing the channel or put off the TV whiles their wards are watching. The Priestess who was speaking on a program dubbed "Talking point "on Thunder Television said a lot of these people come to her for money rituals so why condemn it.

You have downloaded porn videos on your phones for your children to watch and as a Christian you are always visiting shrines for money and fame ,you think your wards will not see she asked.

Nana Agradaa said all those making the call are hypocrites and are in the game of money rituals with the traditional priests but have covered it up to get good name .

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