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Forget Your Sorrows And Checkout This Hilarious Joke

Good day my dear readers, Dannyupdates has come with another funny joke that will make you laugh out your sorrows.

A good, hearty laugh relieves physical tension and stress, leaving your muscles relaxed for up to 45 minutes after. Laughter boosts the immune system. Laughter decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, thus improving your resistance to disease.

Patience is a virtue, especially when you're waiting for the punchline of a good joke. Every now and then in life, you'll come across someone who feels the need to make you wait a few minutes until they get to the punchline. Most of the time, it's worth it.


A guy asks a girl to go to a dance. She agrees, and he decides to rent a suit. The rental has a long line, so he waits and waits, and finally he gets his suit. 

He decides to buy flowers, so he goes to the flower shop. The flower shop has a long line, so he waits and waits, until he finally buys flowers. 

He picks up the girl and they go to the dance. There is a long line into the dance, so they wait and wait. 

Finally, they get into the dance, and the guy offers to get the girl a drink. She asks for a punch, so he goes to the drink table, and there is no punch line.

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