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Surgical procedures transgender male goes through to become a woman

When the Creator created man, He made a man and a woman. But fortunately or unfortunately for some individuals, who for one reason or the other do not feel comfortable in the skin and body they came in into the world, science has found a way to help them achieve the supposed perfection they thrive for.

Typically, a few definable characteristics makes up a woman. These are development of breast, hips and buttocks, a low waist -hip ratio, the face and lastly the reproductive system. However if a man desires to acquire all these characteristics to attain feminity, the individual will have to undergo a long and painful procedures not to talk of the cost involved. In this article, attempt will be made to point out the main procedures a female wannabe will undergo.

1. Hormone replacement Therapy

There are some main hormones that defines a woman. These are estrogen and progesterone. These two among other hormones keep track of feminity. Estrogen is however produced by both male and female. Males in small amount, females in higher amount. The effect of the higher amount of estrogen is responsible for the physical qualities that we usually term as feminine attributes. In order for a man desiring to become a woman to attain his aim, more estrogen hormone will be injected into his body. This might be an injection or pills taken daily. This will trick the body to think it is female and will start showing female characteristics such as development of breast and a change in general appearance.

2. Mammoplasty

Mammoplasty is the term used in plastic surgery for any plastic surgical procedure done on the breast. Since the breastplate of a man is different than a woman, even hormone therapy will not work perfectly. Hence , transgender men undergo the knife to achieve enhanced breast. This surgical procedure is very excruciatingly painful post operation and expensive as well. An incision is either made under the armpit or underneath the breast to insert either a saline or silicone based implant into the breastplate. Some also create incisions around the areola to fix the implant. The cuts are later sutured and bandaid to prevent infection. Suturing and covering doesn't guarantee no infection however. There are many risks involved in breast augmentation surgery. These include scar tissue distortion, fluid accumulation beneath the skin called seroma, solid swelling if clotted blood (hematoma), risk of infection resulting to tissue loss.

2. Vaginoplasty

Vaginoplasty from it name will enlighten you what is done. The removal of the main man organ. Which of course some part will be used to create a new female sexual part. A neoclitoris that allows sensation will be created from parts of the male organ. The testicles will be removed while the urethra is cut shorter. Some part of the skin is used to create a functional lady hole. This procedure also comes with complications if not handled well by a correct surgeon. Post operation care is highly recommended as it takes a long time to heal.

3. Butt Implants

Typically, the firmness and shape of a female hips and buttocks differ from a man. For a man to attain feminine looks, one will have under go another surgical procedure to enhance the back side. This procedure doesn't allow you to sit or sleep by your sides for a very painful long period of time. If the individual is fat, a liposuction can be done to harvest the fat from other places of his body. The fat is now deposited into the butt and hip area giving the individual a shapely behind. However, if the case is opposite, then artificial implant made out of silicone is inserted into the butt area. Another painful procedure.

4. Female facial changes(Rhinoplasty,jaw shaving,trachea shaving and hairline adjustment)

After, one has achieved both breast and sexual changes. Other procedures that are left to be done will include Rhinoplasty, which is a surgical procedure done to minimize the appearance of the nose. Of course a male nose is quite different from a woman's nose. Hence the need to change the look to appear more feminine. The next one will be jaw Shaving in which the jaw line bone is tampered with and shaved to give it a more feminine defined sharpness. The Adams apple is also shaved off to get rid of that male characteristic. And lastly, some go as far as opting for a face lift that gives out more definite female hairline.

All these procedures comes with a risk of infection and botches surgery. Implants have a lifespan of three to ten years I'm which they must be changed often. All these surgical procedures comes with a very high price tags all. So if you intend to change your gender, consider all these before going into the operation room. There are chances it might fail ass well.

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